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Activated Charcoal (short-term) Radon Test Kit

Air Chek produces a 2-4 day "ProChek" kit and a 3-7 day "AirChek" kit. The ProChek meets the tight deadline demands of the Real Estate industry, while the AirChek allows for the user to test for slightly longer periods. Both kits are manufactured, calibrated and analyzed to the same quality standards. Click here to see how easy it is to use our test kit...

femto-Tech CRM Analysis Program

We have teamed with femto-Tech, Inc of Dayton, Ohio to bring you the best continuous radon monitor (CRM) program available. The femto-Tech CRM-510M unit is programmed to transmit its data to the Air Chek, Inc. data management system which checks for errors, unusual environmental conditions and radon fluctuations. Within minutes of the upload, your test report is e-mailed or faxed to you automatically.

Alpha Track (long-term) Radon Monitor

Some projects require the use of alpha track monitors to collect data for longer periods than the activated charcoal kits. Air Chek is a proud distributor of the RSSI AT-101 Alpha Track Monitor. The most common use for alpha tracks are long-term (3-12 month) measurements but the highly sensitive AT-101 can be used for measurement periods as short as 14 days.

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