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Analysis Report Notations

For each report type, please find the Analysis Report Notation in location specified below:

Standard Report - Find notation under 'Notes Column'

Inspector Report - Find notation under 'Analysis Note'

Real Estate Report - Find notation within interpretation (blurb that describes problem)

End User Report - Find notation within interpretation (blurb that describes problem)

School Report - After picoCuries

See notation descriptions below

M Missing start or ending time or date. If the start or ending day or time is missing, analysis cannot be completed. If the missing data is provided after the fact, a reprocessing fee is charged.

L Long longer than recommended. Result represents the last 3 days of test period.

S Short Exposure...not exposed long enough. Estimated result only.

N Not Exposed Long Enough...less than 46 hours. No result is available.

D Long Decay time...the sample arrived too late. (more than 192 hours) for valid analysis. Estimated result only.

E Excessive decay time...the sample arrived so late (more than 12 days) that NO result is available.

X The temperature indicated was outside the acceptable range (<35F - >90F). Estimated result only.

K The test kit was used past the expiration date. It is now expired.

W Wet Sample...Test was exposed too long in a damp environment. Estimated result only.

U Unsealed...sampler was improperly sealed. Most of the radon may have escaped. NO result is available.

F Faulty handling by user. NO result is available.

P Foam Plug was left in sampler and may have caused radon leakage. NO result is available.

T Torn in transit. NO result is available. Free replacement in most cases.

I Invalid Test.

COverexposed. Exposed longer than the recommended MAXIMUM length of exposure. No result is available.

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